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Redundant effort in creating multiple output formats like PDF, HTML, HTML5, and AR. Enabling easy access to the right engineering, manufacturing, and service data, leveraging service lifecycle management capabilities, will help your technical publishing team address these challenges, and provide the right materials to your service technicians

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The Fluorescent imaging agent ICG binds the protein and blood and is metabolized and exuded by the liver thereby providing laparoscopy visualization of the hepatic artery and vial ducts. TONTARRA's latest camera setup LUMI_NIR allows the surgeon to combine NIR FI and white light endoscopy without any reduction of image quality. The LUMI_NIR

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Greatly increased range of options for Argon-Plasma Coagulation. Optimised adjustment of the thermal effect with new modes and parameter settings. Very good ignition properties even at very low output settings. Homogenous surface coagulation. Improved control of APC leads to more safety easy operation with plug and play.

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New Shrek 27051PL Extra Long Resectoscope Sheath Set Outer Inner Sheath + Oburator. Scope Accessories For Sale - DOTmed Listing #2858520: MPN: 27051PL, 27051XA, 27040BB This is a Karl Storz Extra

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The use of Plasma technology provides safe, long-lasting results for patients, while offering healthcare providers an easy-to-use solution. 1 Data on File. 2 Pham BS, Parke MD, and Kernen MD, How I do it: Same day discharge for transurethral resection of prostate using Shrek PlasmaButton™ and PlasmaLoop™.

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 · This small, portable oxygen system provides two modes of operation – continuous flow or Pulse Dose delivery. continuous or stream flow. The DeVilbiss iGo portable concentrator is a 3 liter unit that has both continuous flow and pulse dose modes. Continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators administer O2 in liters per minute.

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The resectoscope had a number of problems, and one of the people who was interested in testing it, Theodore M. Davis, began to work with Stern's instrument after obtaining a used one from Reinhold Wappler of ACMI. Davis, who had initially been an electrical engineer, redesigned the loop, strengthening it, and increased the size of the fenestra

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Richard Wolf Resectoscope with Roller Electrode a modern gynecological medical instrument. Special gynecological medical tool used for investigating human body and for surgical operations. Gynecological special medical surgical instrument designed for fine and exact resection, and that is used with the special telescope.

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 · Another important feedback was a critic on the standard hand grip of the resectoscope. The operation by the thumb is tiring for the surgical hand with falling asleep fingers. In additional motion tests for one-hand-handling a complete new concept for the design of a resectoscope based on the design of single use laparoscopic graspers was proposed.

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Bipolar Resectoscope,Urology Equipment Resectoscope Set, Find Complete Details about Bipolar Resectoscope,Urology Equipment Resectoscope Set,Urology Resectoscope Set,Bipolar Resectoscope,Resectoscope from The Basis of Surgical Instruments Supplier or Manufacturer-Hangzhou Haizhu MIM Products Co., Ltd.

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This is an operation technique in which diseased tissue from the bladder or the prostate is removed using a resectoscope through the urethra [Schostak M, …

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TURP involves the use of a resectoscope, a device with a light, a camera, and a valve system for irrigating fluids, and an electrical loop used to cut and cauterize tissue. The resectoscope is inserted into the penis via the urethra and the electrical loop is used to trim or cut tissue away from the prostate gland, the irrigation system then

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 · CPT codes 52441 and 52442 were approved by the American Medical Association to describe the UroLift transprostatic implant procedure, The surgeon removes prostate tissue obstructing the urethra using a resectoscope inserted through the penis during TURP. The key difference is the use of saline instead of glucose solution. Similar Asks. 16.

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The OES Pro resectoscope with PDD improves the detection of bladder cancers, in particular carcinoma in situ (CIS), using photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) and helps reduce recurrence rates. Higher detection rates of bladder tumors. Optimal treatment of bladder lesions using PLASMA Technology. Wide range of electrode loops for every procedure.

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 · The resectoscope includes a camera that allows the surgeon to view the internal structure of the prostate gland, and to see where incisions are being made during surgery. The laser is inserted into the resectoscope and is used to enucleate (free up) the enlarged prostate tissue from the capsule (outer shell)and then to seal up any blood vessels.

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Deviceinformed.com is an online medical equipment directory about leading medical manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, vendors and their medical devices and tools around the globe.Our online catalog consists of more than 1500 various categories of the stages of medical care and medical discipline.This online medical catalog of advanced medical tools and …

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Storz 25FR Resectoscope. ENC-S-27040BJ. You should have this item completely checked out prior to use in conjunction with patient care. I will not take any responsibility for its use on patients. Please note most of the medical equipment pieces need some maintenance and recertification. It is normal and legal requirement.